Nonprofit Dog Groups

Aj’s Tails & Trials

AJ’s Tails and Trials provides help for the elderly with veterinary bills. The foundation was born out of a desire to help dogs in need and give those dogs the care they need to have the best life possible. Founded in Coeur d’Alene in 2011 the annual 5K dog walk, AJ’s Tails & Trials is it’s biggest fundraiser. You can also sponsor or make a general donation that is tax deductible. Check them out on Facebook here:

Pawsitive Works

If you haven’t heard about Pawsitive Works your in for a treat. Pawsitive Works is a program for at risk teens and shelter dogs discover what they are really made of. The youth learn positive training techniques and train the shelter dogs behaviors that will help them become more adoptable. With this training experience teens make connections to the real world and confront questions like: how important is clear communication? Why is trust a crucial part of relationships? Why should I believe in myself? Working with the same dog for five weeks teaches a patience that is rewarded with a relationship. Bot not only that, they graduate with the knowledge that they can succeed and have changed the life of a dog in need.

Pawsitive Works has been changing lives for over two years now with programs in Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene and a pilot program in Spokane. These programs are made possible by the many volunteers that attend class and donors that provide the means. If you are interested in participating in these sessions go to Pawsitive Work’s Volunteer page to find out about volunteering in your area. Or you can visit their Facebook page and see what is currently going on:

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  1. Yes thank you Molly! This site is a wonderful resource for all things dog, and thank you again for adding AJ’s Foundation to your non-profit section! Sydne

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