Discovering Search Dog North Idaho

Search Dog North Idaho
Search Dog North Idaho
At the Antique Boat Show in July, I visited the Search Dog North Idaho booth and was impressed that they gave free weekly classes in search, obedience and agility skills. What an opportunity for our 12 month old pup, a Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Pikka.  She had just finished 2 obedience classes but still need more training, social skills and challenges! We needed more education and this sounded fun!

In October we attended our first Saturday training session, and it was rewarding for both of us. There were two other pups her age, and we began learning how to bond, meet other dogs, more obedience and agility. The Saturday sessions are so productive and fun for both the dog and owner.

The Search Dog North Idaho Incorporation is a definite plus to the Sandpoint community. Weekly Search & Rescue training for both canine and humans provide and prepare a valuable resource. In the winter months we train on Saturday afternoons; in spring and fall we train in the evenings.

Pend Oreille Dog Park

The “Little city with a big future” has its own dog park! If you live in Sandpoint you may not even be aware that there is a fully fenced dog park within ten minutes. All you have to do is go north out of Sandpoint on 95 until you hit Kootenai Cutoff (Walmart) and turn right. Go past Walmart until you see Pend Orielle Veterinary Services and park in their parking lot. The park is set back from the road and has a few trees where you will see everyone standing in the summers. If your hoping to meet other dogs and you have a dog that does well with others try going around 2:30 – 3:00 on a weekday and your bound to meet some other devoted dog owners.

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Let us know what your experience was like at Pend Orielle Dog Park and post your photos.